Our Published Books

One of the important activities of PBVM is in the area of publication. PBVM believes in science popularization through regional languages – a pretty idea of Prof. S N Bose. Since its inception PBVM published nearly 150 books and 2 periodicals. Topics of the books and articles are on science, scientists, scientific temper, policy issues and children science etc. PBVM’s bimonthly organ JANA VIGYANER ISTAHAR is now an established journal of people’s science movement. The organisation also publishes E JUGER KISHORE VIGYANI – a bimonthly popular periodical for juveniles. Both the journals are available through our organizational network throughout the state on yearly subscription basis. Now total number of subscribers for two journals is around twenty four thousand. Yearly subscription fees for two journals are Rs. 100/- and Rs. 125/- respectively.

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